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About UUD
We style. We Design. We love creativity. That is our passion!
Whether a photo shoot, a store window, an event or party, a room in your home (or your whole house!), or a store or restaurant, we have an eye for design. UUD will transform your space into a thrilling celebration of creativity!

To find out about new and past projects, visit UUD’s Blog

Owner and Boss Lady
I thrive on the creative and edgy and insist on the unique. My joy in the creative thinking side of assembling a “look” or plan is exceeded only by the thrill of revealing our creation to a client.


The loves of my life are the Lord, my husband, three grown children, six grandchildren and one fluffy golden doodle.

Right-hand Woman
Assistant Style-Wiz
Traci has been an integral part of UUD for over 6 years. She’s bubbly, energetic, and creative and will to get her hands dirty. She is happiest when creating and styling and is excellent at sourcing and executing.


Her loves are the Lord, her husband, a son in college a daughter in her senior year in high school, one small black and white dog and a rather fat cat!

Photo/product styling
Window Dressing
Home Design
Locations for photo shoots.

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